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Kanow Kernewek - A good “Shout”

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Cornish Events

Keskan Lowender -Sunday Evening Levow Werin
Singing session at the Rowing Club on Sunday afternoon.
Plus the singing in Cornish workshops with Matt Blewett.

Kanow Kernewek A good “Shout” or singing session is a part of our Cornish musical heritage and even better if we have a few songs in Cornish. Follow the bouncy ball on the songs and get ready to join us for: Matt’s Cornish singing workshops - throughout the festival Levow Werin – the singing session down at the Rowing club, Newquay Harbour Keskan Lowender – our very own last night of the proms – and bring your Cornish flag.


Maggi me

Camborne Hill

Eeos Hweg

Levow Lowender - Festival Voices - 2016

We are delighted to be able to bring you these videos to help you sing a bit of Cornish! You can watch the videos and have a singalong.

We have provided the words to download here. We hope you enjoy leanring some Cornish!

To find out more about learning Cornish please go to - https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/the-cornish-language/cornish-language/learning-cornish/